Stretchy bracelet made with 6mm Hiddenite (Green Kunzite) beads and a Citrine Chunk focal bead.

•Citrine It brings happiness, joy, and positivity in life by eliminating the negative energies and vibes. Citrine is one crystal that does not accumulate or hold negative energy, in fact it transforms negativity into positive energy. That is why it is not necessary to cleanse your citrine crystal unlike others. It opens your mind to new thoughts and increases self-esteem and self-confidence. It induces happiness and joy by relieving you of depression, anger, self-doubt, and mood swings.
•Hiddenite (aka green kunzite) helps in healing deep psychic wounds of the heart and is an excellent crystal for recovery from addictions and abuse. It is particularly comforting for those who have lost someone dear, whether through bereavement, moving far away or because of estrangement. It also assists in coping strategies when dealing with the loss of something central to your life, such as a home or job. Besides its healing properties, Hiddenite is a crystal of renewal, providing hope in difficult circumstances

Empowerment Bracelet